MLTI Info ... iPads going Home 2014

We are using the online form below to gather information regarding the participation of your daughter or son in the MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative) program at Conners Emerson School and MDIRSS. We will retain the information collected via this form through the end of this school year. 

**Please note that iPads will go home ONLY when the form below (or paper copy available in the office) is filled out and parent and student have agreed with the terms, and parent has given permission for their student to take their ipad home.**

We allow devices to go home with students in grade 6-8, as we believe that these tools can continue to provide learning opportunities when students are away from school, and learning is what the MLTI program is about.  There are several things that need to be taken care of before the devices can go home.
  • Both student and parent must become familiar with and accept the AUP
  • Both student and parent must become familiar with and accept the ISP
  • Each year student and parent must complete the sign-off stating that they have reviewed the information contained above with their child; understand the District AUP and ISP, Technology Care and Use Guidelines, Inappropriate Technology Use Discipline Rubric, and accept all responsibilities outlined in these documents.

At Home Monitoring

Many students already have access to the Internet either through home desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile game devices, or phones. The following are recommendations for parents to follow regarding the school iPads, but also would extend and apply to personal devices connected to the Internet.Parents have the right to collect the student's iPad or other devices when they get home and only allow them to use it in front of them to do school work.
  • It is recommended that iPads or other devices are only used in public spaces (not in private rooms, etc.).
  • Talk to your student.  Ask them to show you what they are working on.  Ask to see work.  Ask them to show you how to use the iPad.
  • Attend other informational workshops for parents at the school as they become available.
  • Review websites, applications, movies, and more at Common Sense Media.  This website contains reviews and current information for parents and school on media and is an excellent resource for parents to stay informed.
*We may be contacting parents/guardians via email or phone to verify the submitted information.*

Documents that are referred to in the form below:

MDIRSS MLTI Technology Parent & Student Agreement