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No Cables! iPad2 Mirroring In The Classroom

Teaching and Learning: Using iPads in the Classroom
iPads and iPods 'are helping our pupils learn without realising they are doing it
60 Minutes Segment:Thoughts
  Recently, there was a story on 60 Minutes that featured the iPad and apps for individuals with Autism.
Ipod as DocCam
Managing a Classroom set of iPads
iPads in the Classroom
Volume purchasing of apps for schools
Digital Story telling with the iPad
Our Alaska Stories
Solar System ipad app review
ipad starter kit .... 70 free or almost free apps
Ipad battery info ... how to charge, how to extend life of each charge
10 ways to improve battery life
Setting up Apple TV with iPad for wireless projection

Links to iPad Stuff:

Ipads in Education ********This is a very useful, regularly updated site that searches for new info on ipads for  education. There are, as of today, 57 pages of links to specific uses, applications, reviews etc.
Apple's Learning with the ipad site

Forms-Spreadsheet example


Tutorial Agenda:
-Sharing of Cool and useful Stuff found ... especially free stuff
-STarting and getting in/out of applications
-Using camera ... still and video
-Side buttons
-Rearranging (and deleting) icons on desktop and into folders
    -hold down on any icon until it wiggles ... can then move or delete
-Using multiple applications simultaneously
    -double click start button and choose other app, double click again
    -hold down on app icon .... it wiggles and you can delete
-Quitting applications
-How to get stuff through App Store
-How to get books
-Get "iPad2 Starter Guide" Free
-Quick tour of Settings