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Solar Car Race Results

posted May 21, 2014, 5:37 AM by Sarah Winne
Tuesday, 43 students (13 cars)  participated in the annual solar car race.  Unfortunately, due to the weather,  the students had to race their cars with battery packs, which somewhat diminishes the Maine Energy Education Program (MEEP) goal of helping students to experience the link between energy use and environmental consequences, but nevertheless the students had lots of fun.  This also was a great way to meet the Next Generation Science Standards in Engineering:
1. Defining problems
2. Developing and using models 
3. Planning and carrying out investigations 

The race determined the top five fastest cars, all invited to attend the State Competition. Congratulations to all students who participated with an extra high five to our finalists:
  • The Rainbow Rod (Lucas, Oliver, & Tyler)
  • Bobby Joe McFlinch (Nathan, Stephen, & Tristan)
  • Dayz (Zachary, Yarrow, Aidan, & Dominic)
  • Ashtuiz (Tim, Luiz & Ashton)
  • 100% Recyclable (Gloria & Andrea)
The Maine State Finals will be Saturday, June 7 at the Owls Head Transportation Museum near Rockland, rain or shine! That day, the cars will be judged on speed, technical merit, craftsmanship, innovation, most creative use of recycled materials, and kids' choice.

Thanks to Peter Zack from MEEP who ran our race for us and also did some really neat hands-on energy activities with grade 4 students. Also many thanks to Mr. GR and Mr. Boardman for overseeing the construction of the cars, and to our parent volunteers:  Zhong-wei Zhang, Beth Ingebritson, Tony Uliano, Margaret Jeffery, Peter Jeffery, and Robert Parker (and any others I've left out)! We couldn't run this without you!