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Jazz Band District Performance on March 1st

posted Feb 27, 2013, 12:08 PM by Rick Barter
The Emerson Jazz Band will be heading (via yellow school bus) to Center Drive School in Orington, Me for the District Jazz Festival on Friday, March 1st.

Band members have all received information packets on the event to share with parents, but here is more info that may be good to have handy:

-The Emerson Jazz Band is scheduled to play at 4:30, but consider that time to be "flexible" and arrive early to see the performance
-There will be concession food available (hot dogs, pizza, etc,) with most items under $3.00.
-Any volunteer parental help offered to help get the band on/off the stage will be greatly appreciated.
-Here are Google Map Directions to Center Drive School:

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— Aldous Huxley