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Middle School Parent Forum- January 27, 6-7 PM

posted Jan 26, 2016, 7:50 AM by Rick Barter   [ updated Jan 26, 2016, 10:52 AM ]

Coming Soon: Middle School Parent Forums about Standards-Based Grading

On January 27 (Wednesday) and Feb 2 (Tuesday) from 6-7, you are invited to a parent forum in the high school library. Join middle and high school teachers and administrators and the district Director of Curriculum to hear more about the transition to standards-based grading in MDIRSS schools. A short presentation will be followed by plenty of time for Q and A. See the following newsletter story for more information.

Parent-Student Advisory Council on Standards-Based Grading Being Formed 

We are looking for parents of middle and high school students who would be interested in participating in the Parent-Student Advisory Council on Standards-Based Grading. The council will provide input and feedback on options being considered for how to report out student progress in a standards-based system. It is important that we understand concerns and hear questions so we can make the best decisions as we move forward with full implementation of a standards-based system and standards-based grading.

Our goal is to establish a representative parent group who will advise on designing a standards-based reporting system that meets the needs of all of our students from those needing extra support to those needing additional challenge. The council will meet with school and district administrators, teachers and board members twice this spring and three times during the next school year. We are asking that council members make a two year commitment, if possible to ensure development of a common knowledge base and forward momentum. Council members will also be asked to collect and report input from other parents and students and serve as an ambassador to help ensure that accurate information is being shared among parents and students. 

If you are a parent who is interested in serving on this council and can meet on March 3 (Thursday) andMay 18 (Wednesday) from 5-6:30 at the high school library, please let your principal know by Friday January 29. 

If you are a middle or high school student who is interested in participating, please let your principal know! If you are selected to be a member of the council, we will send a permission form home to your parents. 

Thanks to those who are interested in participating! We will confirm the council's membership by Monday Feb 9.

Want more information on middle and high school standards-based teaching, learning, tracking and reporting?

We are continually updating the MDIRSS Transition to Standards-Based Education part of the district website: www.mdirss.orgWhile the transition is happening K-12, the site focuses primarily on middle and high school at this time. We anticipate adding more information specific to standards-based teaching in the elementary grades soon.

Scroll down for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Please let your child's teacher(s) or your principal know if you have additional questions. If you have a question, it is likely that others do as well! We will respond to questions we are getting from multiple schools on the website.